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Jeff Egan


Jeff’s journey began back in high school. He was instantly hooked on the process of building anything out of wood and ready to learn more. After high school, he started working for a construction company and learned many different trades related to the construction of a new home. During this time, he went to Dakota County Technical College and received a journeyman certificate in carpentry. The company Jeff worked for realized his talent in woodworking and brought him in to the cabinet shop they owned. He began building cabinets to eventually managing the shop.

Jeff built a very impressive cabinet shop with employees he trained and the hundreds of houses he designed.
Throughout this journey, Jeff was doing side work. He started out mainly building mantles for fireplaces and grew from there to more custom projects involving all aspects of cabinetry. Because so many people would ask him to do their projects knowing what high quality they were getting, Jeff started making a name for himself in the business. These past few years his side work continued to grow and he realized he wanted to expand his work and move on to owning his own business.

Jeff has seen a lot of the trends come and go in the last 40 years. He has gone from designing and building the traditional house to the contemporary and everything else in between. Jeff really loves what he does and his passion shows in his commitment to a high quality product and satisfaction of his customers.


Joe Gaspord

Vice President

Joe has been building custom cabinets for 12+ years and has mainly been a cabinet builder. Over the last few years he has been involved in the design aspect of cabinetry and really enjoys being able to create and meet client expectations on projects. Making the customer's vision of a project a reality is really rewarding for Joe. Between actual design and construction of cabinetry, he spends his time managing the front office.


Andrew Zywiec

Shop Manager

Andrew has been building cabinets for 7+ years. He has exceptional attention to detail and takes pride in his craft. His high quality of work shows how much he values every build. Andrew's knowledge and continued dedication is what keeps the shop running smoothly and efficiently.

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